WWF Backlash 2001 Trip

WWF Backlash
Allstates Arena
Chicago, Illinois
29 April, 2001 6:30PM
WWF Official Backlash Headquarters
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Tue May 1 20:05:30 EDT 2001 - Post Mortem
Thu Apr 19 20:02:35 EDT 2001
At Wrestlemania X-Seven, Stone Cold Steve Austin turned heel, winning the WWF championship from the Rock. Edge and Christian regained the tag belts over the Dudley Boyz and the Hardyz in TLC II. Shane McMahon amazed us once more with his bumps vs. his dad. Undertaker continued his winning streak by beating HHH. And last but not least, the Iron Sheik reigned victorious in the Gimmick Battle Royale, by far one of the most funny and nostalgic matches of the year.
The road to Backlash is a bit quiet, with no major angles or storylines being devised as of yet. With no WCW integration in the works, what will happen?
Sun Mar 25 08:10:46 EST 2001
The WWF has purchased WCW. Who knows what implications this will have on Backlash. We could see cross federation matchups, such as Goldberg vs. Austin! Whatever happens in the next few weeks on RAW is WAR, Wrestlemania, and Smackdown should be interesting.
Mon Mar 19 06:38:50 EST 2001 - Notes
The backlash Pay-Per-View traditionally follows Wrestlemania, the WWF's mecca main event. As a result, the surprises and spinoffs that occur from Wrestlemania often culminate at this PPV, hence the name Backlash.
Sat Mar 17 17:22:57 EST 2001 - We're Going!
Welcome to my WWF Backlash page. My friend Sean and I are heading to Chicago, Illinois to watch the PPV, at the Allstates Arena (formerly Rosemount Horizon). We've been to WWF house shows, as well as RAW is WAR events, but this is the first Pay-Per-View for both of us.
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