More Statistics

This application takes the user defined selection, then compares it to the mean of the total sample dataset. The approach is used twice, once in a startup script, once in a menu drop-down item.

This was a time-limited application, so some code may not be as thouroughly thought out.

Open Script

This script opens a new view, named "Eastern Ontario CSDs", loads Eont.shp and Eontcsd.dbf, then joining them, and displaying them in the view window. The user then selects a field, and whether they want to see records from that field below or above the average to the view.

stats image

Above / Below Mean Queries

Accesses the active view and theme by position, prompts user for a numeric field in the FTab of the theme, then runs a query to highlight CSDs in the theme for a chosen field below / above the mean, respectively.

above mean image above mean image

This application was designed to work with specific datasets, however the code is as generic as possible. You may use it as you wish.


October 1999
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