Advanced Queries, Classification, Layouts

This application combines some more complex queries, statistical analysis, classification, layouts and printing. The use of startup and shutdown scripts are also used here.

Popups are a unique way to quicken the user interaction process with a right click in the view window.

avenue development environment popup example

Three items were developed, and described below:

Inclusive Query

This popup item uses a multi list box to display multiple records for the user to select. The selection is passed as an 'OR' query. A selection bitmap is used as the data access mechanism.

or image

Exclusive Query

This popup is similar to the previous popup, but applies an 'AND' query, with a selection bitmap. Only attributes which are found exclusively will be displayed in the result.

Inclusive / Exclusive Query

A combination which queries within and between variables, this uses both examples above and does some error checking so as not to select a variable more than once, inclusively.

or / and image

Weighted Centroid Algorithm

This tool allows the user to enter one or more states, then assesses a locational centroid based on the population of counties within the selected areas. The selection is then classified with breaks and a custom pallette, demonstrating Avenue's power in qutomated dataset manipulation, graphically and statistically.

Weighted Centroid example

Layout / Print Tool

Finally, this tool setups a layour document of the view, and sends it to the default print queue (LPT1 on Window$). For UNIX people, it should spool to where your default printer environment is set to.

This application was designed to work with specific datasets, however the code is as generic as possible. You may use it as you wish.


November 1999
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